Mosquito Bites – Spike Warning, Abuse Narrative

What do I remember about my transition into womanhood? In many ways, I feel like I am still in transition. The vast majority of the time, I feel like a child - sexless, small, confused, looking to role models for guidance and support and validation.  Other times, I feel as ancient as a willow tree. … Continue reading Mosquito Bites – Spike Warning, Abuse Narrative


Meditation on Color: Brown

Velveteen bears worn to threads after years of childhood and adulthood clutching; earthenware pots spilling chili peppers to the ground, and the rough twine that hangs the harvest to dry on back porches. The dress of the local bruja, known for the mystical powers of her one brown eye. Spearing bait onto the tiniest of … Continue reading Meditation on Color: Brown