Rebel Rose

Rebel Rose is a badass motherfucker.
She don’t take shit from
any man,or
any woman, or
any person, for that matter.
Rebel Rose believes in inclusivity.

Rebel Rose doesn’t have to prove
anything to anybody.
Her everything is contrary.
Her walk is aggressive,
her posture, a challenge;
the iridescent shimmer of
her neon cotton panties, her flag
of secession.

Rebel Rose dyes her hair a
chemical rainbow because in her house,
the carpet should never match the drapes.
She carries incense in her pockets
because she is proud to worship her own

Rebel Rose leaves little slips of paper prayers
in the chipped corners of buildings and sidewalks.
They all say the same thing,

God bless this
wandering wayfarer,
because they’re a
badass motherfucker.

Rebel Rose believes in knowing your worth.

Rebel Rose is who she is, without
apologies or excuses.
She is loud in her existence, reveling
in the miracle of her 10 fingers and 10 toes.
She is rough around all her thorny edges.

Rebel Rose sleeps each night in a bed of
crumpled paper and ashes and snacks on cold
jasmine in the moonlight.

Rebel Rose believes in the power of being
one badass motherfucker.


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