Body Talk

Hey little fat roll
Yes, you
the one that rides just below my waist
and just above my hips.
Hi there.

I’m always trying to make you disappear,
Like the magic trick at a kid’s party.
I have squished you, covered you, starved you
And yet no matter how the rest of me vanished
around you, there you have remained.
You have been a constant companion,
forever at my side – or more accurately,
around my middle.

You’ve been so useful too, so helpful.
I have stored my judgment in your soft skin.
Carried my self-loathing and shame
in the round firmness of you.
Made you the villain of all my major fantasies,
and you gladly filled the role so I could be
the tragically heroic maiden.

How does it feel to be the protruding border
between my current position and a state of
perpetual happiness?

Your answer, when it comes, is shocking.
I didn’t know you could talk.
I mean, I’ve heard your rumbles, your gurgles,
your groans, your gestations,
but never a voice.
You say,

I have always been here for you, and so I always will.
This is the body that was shaped for you,
Specially yours.
The full breasts and firm butt that earn you
praise, desire and pride are my sisters.
Where they go, I go.

I am the hill where the crops of you are tended.
When the time comes, I will be the house of your womb,
I will be the guardian of your most precious treasures.
Within me, I hold the cosmos of
your love, your fire, your passion.
I am the wellspring of your compassion,
The waters of your healing.

I worry when you are wanting and I hurt to feel your anxiety.
I am made to carry more than anger, fear, and hurt.
My purpose is love, my purpose is life, and in my center of you
There is joy.


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