Harvest Moon Blessing

Blessed be this sacred night.

I sense the power and magic as the
seasons change

Summer into fall.

As the full moon rides proudly in the night sky,
I honor the lessons I have learned and
I embrace the unknowns of tomorrow.

I release myself to the fullness of the universe
celebrate the wonder of my being.

I ask that you guide me with your gentle light as I begin my new journeys,
I pray for your strength and serenity in the face of all my challenges.

May your tender light shine brightly in times of darkness,
and cleanse me of the shadows that no longer serve me.

A blessing in your name this sacred night.

Peace and peace and peace.


Featured image:
“The Harvest Moon” by Samuel Palmer ca. 1833, Oil on paper, laid on panel, Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection.

3 thoughts on “Harvest Moon Blessing

  1. Hi! I loved your poem!
    Over at my blog Between the Lines, we feature work from other writers and artists. September’s theme is ‘Harvest Moon’ and I was wondering if you’d allow me to reblog this.


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