A Fairytale for the Restless 

And so I set a place at the table For my restlessness  The shadow that lay close along my bonelines Anchoring me to a long-forgotten tradition She arrived, bedecked and bejeweled in the blustery shades of adventure and siren song Half finished stories falling from her lips  Rings of new beginnings flashing in the candlelight … Continue reading A Fairytale for the Restless 


A Heart is Still a Home

It's mercilessly hot summers Drowned down by drowsy humidity like leaden blankets. It's cicadas in looping choral rounds, accompanied by the high-pitch whine of buzzing mosquitos landing on sticky syrup-stained arms and shoulders It's the mesquite wood smoking out back, saying RabbitRabbitRabbit to keep clear of little ash clouds While Aunt Tammy swigs her beer … Continue reading A Heart is Still a Home