A Heart is Still a Home

It's mercilessly hot summers Drowned down by drowsy humidity like leaden blankets. It's cicadas in looping choral rounds, accompanied by the high-pitch whine of buzzing mosquitos landing on sticky syrup-stained arms and shoulders It's the mesquite wood smoking out back, saying RabbitRabbitRabbit to keep clear of little ash clouds While Aunt Tammy swigs her beer … Continue reading A Heart is Still a Home


Why We Didn’t Leave – Houston and Hurricane Harvey 

I've been seeing a lot of comments and philosophical holier-than-thou posturing regarding the absolutely terrifying and heart-breaking situation in my hometown and current residence Houston, Texas. This is a post that I'm sharing, written by an unknown source on Facebook*, that perfectly explains why we sheltered in place instead of evacuating. I have made a … Continue reading Why We Didn’t Leave – Houston and Hurricane Harvey